CPD Courses

KRD believes in keeping the core conditions of counselling alive with face-to-face CPD training. During these unprecedented times we have adapted a number of our CPD Training modules to be delivered on line.

“What a most wonderful training! Kate brought a wealth of knowledge to the course and created a warm and safe learning atmosphere throughout the whole day (and this virtually!). She ensured that everyone had time to ask as many questions as wanted / needed and didn’t leave any questions unanswered. I could have listened to her for hours more. I will be back for more training with KRD for sure!”. Rike, London. On-Line CPD Review, April 2020

We offer a broad range of Specialist CPD Training days to help develop your professional practice and keep your skills up to date.

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Working with self harm and self sabotage

1 in 12 Young People self-harm and 10% of 15-16 year olds self-harm. The workshop will look at how to help clients manage their self-harm through counselling skills using distraction / delay methods, risk protocols and other integration techniques.

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Working with Suicide and Suicidal Ideation

Do you feel confident to assess the risk of a client that is feeling suicidal? Do you have a suicide assessment tool and safety plan in your practice to support your client? . The day will consider how to support clients whilst recognising and responding to suicide risk.

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An Introduction to PTSD and Trauma

This course looks at what PTSD is in depth and how to recognise it. It will explore what makes it different from other traumas and the importance of early diagnosis. Knowing how to recognise and treat PTSD is a crucial competency when working with a wide range of clients.

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Working with Adolescent / Adult Mental Health

Currently in the UK 1 in 10 children and young people suffer from a diagnosable Mental Health Disorder. The day considers how to support and enrich the lives of those experiencing or at risk of experiencing a diagnosable mental health condition.

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Supporting Clients with Anxiety and Chronic Stress

An endemic number of clients are presenting with anxiety and chronic stress. The day will focus on the differing levels of anxiety and how to help your clients manage their anxiety / stress effectively.

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Creative Interventions in counselling

The day will focus on the facilitation of using creative therapies such as play and the arts to support clients. Creative mediums are vital when working with clients who have experienced abuse and trauma.

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Working with Bereavement in CYP

Child / Adolescent bereavement is unfortunately a key presenting issue in therapeutic practice. It is important to know how to support a child or adolescent client through this distressing and significant time. This course provides you with a detailed understanding of child / adolescent bereavement and how to support them.

Domestic Violence

Working with Bereavement and Loss (adults)

The training day will look at what constitutes domestic abuse and examine the extent, impact and dynamics of domestic abuse. The course will show how to work effectively and safely with people experiencing domestic abuse and look at safety and risk management tools and available external support.